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Trumpet/Sjöjungfru V-ringning Ärmlös Paljetterad Rufsar Sweep släp Klänningar

Market Price: 5 556 kr

Sale Price: 1 410 kr

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Trumpet/Sjöjungfru V-ringning Ärmlös Paljetterad Rufsar Sweep släp Klänningar

Artikelnummer PO16033PO1100
Säsong Vår,Sommar,Höst,Vinter
TYG Paljetterad
Urringning V-ringning
SILUETT Trumpet/Sjöjungfru
Ärmar Ärmlös
Smyckning Rufsar
Midja Naturlig
Baksida Annat
Hemline/Tåg Sweep släp
Visad Färg Rosa
Paket vikt 1500.0000


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  2. Balklänning Tyll Pärlbrodering Ärmlös Court Klänningar

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  3. Trumpet/Sjöjungfru V-ringning Långa Ärmar Spetsar Court släp Tyll Bröllopsklänningar

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  4. Balklänning Tyll Spetsar Långa Ärmar Sweep släp Bröllopsklänningar

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  5. Slida/Kolumn Rund-urringning Spetsar Långa Ärmar Chiffong Sweep släp Klänningar

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  6. A-linjeformat Sheer Hals Långa Ärmar Spetsar Golvläng Chiffong Klänningar

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  1. Balklänning Applikation Satäng Golvläng Ärmlös Off-shoulder ringning Klänningar

    Market Price: 5 575 kr

    Sale Price: 1 503 kr

  2. A-linjeformat Ärmlös Grimma Golvläng Pärlbrodering Tyll Klänningar

    Market Price: 5 556 kr

    Sale Price: 1 447 kr

  3. A-linjeformat V-ringning Sweep släp Spetsar Ärmlös Tyll Bröllopsklänningar

    Market Price: 10 129 kr

    Sale Price: 1 317 kr

  4. Trumpet/Sjöjungfru Smala Axelband Ärmlös Applikation Organzapåse Golvläng Klänningar

    Market Price: 6 706 kr

    Sale Price: 1 586 kr

  5. A-linjeformat Chiffong Långa Ärmar Pärlbrodering Sweep släp Klänningar

    Market Price: 4 879 kr

    Sale Price: 1 401 kr

  6. A-linjeformat Grimma Ärmlös Pärlbrodering Kort/mini Tyll Klänningar

    Market Price: 4 230 kr

    Sale Price: 1 234 kr



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Jag beställde en klänningstorlek 1/2 och den passar i storlek. Det var till salu och är underbart. Tack för att du erbjuder vackra klänningar till priser som alla familjer har råd med !!




The dress was perfect. I ordered it 2-3 weeks before prom and it arrived on time




I stumbled across this website helping my son girlfriend find a prom dress. We saw this dress and she fell in love. She received her dress and it was perfect. We couldn’t he any more satisfied and happy. Thank you so much! I have told everyone about your website!




This dress fit me perfectly and was so beautiful and way better in person than I expected it to be. Highly recommend taking your body measurements before you type them in and order it. I measured myself before ordering the dress and it ended up fitting great. The dress also came sooner than expected. I got a lot of compliments about how great it looked and people asking how expensive it was, where it was from, etc.




Absolutely wonderful experience fit HEBEOS. Perfect fit and speedy delivery.




This dress was so lovely, it fit me perfectly and looks exactly how it does on the website, Im so happy with it!




I went to prom in early May, and I am just getting around to writing a review; I told myself that I would write one if I got the right result. I was scared to order my prom dress online, especially since I saw a lot of mixed reviews about this site. But I was running out of time and decided to give it a shot, and I am so glad I did. My dress was beautiful and inexpensive; it was perfect! I loved my dress. It even came earlier than expected and exceeded my expectations,

Princess T



My dress was completely perfect, you guys are amazing I love it, my order came before the date it was supposed to, you guys are incredible thank you so much




Prettier in person! Train was alot longer so I had to get it altered but besides that it's beautiful!




Beautiful dress, it fit perfectly. The fabric was very nice. Arrived quickly




This dress is amazing! So pretty in person! It was a bit long but just get in tailored if it’s to long for you. It arrived on time and the measurements I put in were perfect and it fits me well. The sequins fall off a lot but it isn’t a huge problem.




I loved this dress, I had wanted it all year for prom and was so skeptic about ordering it online but I was so happy with the results. I did have to get it altered because the chest area was a little too big but that was probably just my measuring. The dress was delievered right on time and it was stunning, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. My friend also ordered her dress from this sight per my recommendation and her dress was great too.




The dress came right on time and was such a perfect fit. Really couldn't have asked for a more beautiful dress! Thank you soo much




I love it so much it is actually good quality and they did my custom measurements perfectly if you have any question my instagram is @ktbng just message :)




“Any question not answered message the account” I loved my dress! Even though I had some issues with shipping but kinda my fault for ordering late it still came in time. I did do some alterations to the dress because of my style. The dress came just as the picture I got mine in dark navy blue and in a bigger size which is one reason I did get it altered. It’s a lot I have to talk about pertaining to this company so if you have any further questions message the Instagram account.
Order date April 3,2018.
Paid Rush Shipping Before April 18, 2018
Received April 19,2018 expected to recieve April 20,2018 ( DHL )
My prom was April 21, 2018 so reading this you guys know I was worried lol.




Ordered this dress a few weeks ago and it came today 2 days early!! So excited to wear it and my only complaint is that the chest area is a little big and the sequins fall off but other than that it’s great!!




This dress is exactly like the picture its very pretty. The dress came very fast. Weeks before the expected date and im so happy with. The only discrepancy I have is that sequins are occasionally falling off




Love the dress! I received my dress. It's very slimming!

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